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“Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing”
– Rebecca Lieb

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Content Marketing Services by Picos.

Creative content is the materialised version of your brand’s identity.

Brand collateral that means something to your target audience.

The image you project, and the words used to describe it, shape the way potential customers identify your company in a saturated market. Brand assets are designed to distinguish your unique selling points, resonate with your target audience and create an experience that inspires customer loyalty. They can invite new visitors to your store or website, increase brand awareness and evoke a feeling of familiarity or excitement.

Customer touchpoints design the way people experience your brand.

Brand collateral, like photography, videography, copywriting, website development and logo design, are intended to create meaning for a target audience. They tell a story, shape expectations, generate exposure and, in some cases, command a premium. Without a carefully tailored creative strategy, these symbols lack a compelling call-to-action. For this reason, the quality of your customer touchpoints determines the relationships that people have with your business and the success of your marketing campaigns.

This customer-centric approach focuses on every interaction, or touchpoint, a person has with a brand, from their initial encounter with a tagline online, to the packaging they leave a store with. By mapping out this journey, every element of your content marketing strategy is optimised to create positive associations with your business and influence customer purchasing behaviour.

Reinforce your branding with symbols, not icons.

Our content marketing specialists work within the parameters of your branding guidelines to streamline your company’s personality, tone, values and vision across marketing channels. Assigning value to each icon and sentiment to each statement, they make sure that every piece of content is deliberate and on-brand for a consistently unified voice. This is critical to your digital advertising campaigns and online presence that require social-specific content.

Know the platform you’re using and know your audience even better.

Formatted and developed for use on social-networking sites, this creative content is tailored to the unique design and user characteristics of each channel. For example, when marketing promotional material on a primarily visual platform like Instagram, content specialists would feature a product or service using high-quality images, as opposed to lengthy text. This approach would differ on Twitter, for example, that is more commonly used to circulate written content.

At Picos, our team of photographers, videographers, copywriters and design gurus live, breathe and practice creative content marketing on a daily basis. Whether you want to begin the branding process or recreate your image, our one-stop-shop for all things creative is an enquiry away. Find out how you can expand your client base in Australia, drive website traffic, boost customer engagement, optimise your online presence and generate discussion around your business with content creation.

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