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“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

Online Strategy Services by Picos.

Your online strategy is a tailor-made blueprint designed to captivate your target audience, encourage sales conversions and communicate the essence of your brand identity.

With thorough industry and competitor analysis, an intimate understanding of your brand and diverse digital marketing experience, we base our campaign strategies on real data and predictive analytics.

A world of online opportunity awaits.

Creating an online strategy is the first step towards establishing a digital presence. If you have yet to take your business online, this would include launching an official website and determining which social media platforms will best meet your business goals. You may also want to invest in eCommerce or paid advertising to direct your marketing campaigns at a larger audience.

Based on consumer behaviour, not a hunch.

Our marketing specialists analyse your past performance to reveal important information about your target demographic and highlight opportunities for improvement. With this insight into consumer behaviour trends, your social-specific marketing campaigns can focus on establishing and growing your client base dynamically.

Creative content is your ticket to online exposure.

Once you have established the framework for your online strategy, the creative process begins. This is where a content production team brings your brand identity to life with design, photography, videography and written communication. Intended to engage with your audience directly, your message needs to be coherent, consistent and most importantly, it needs to reflect your company values. For that, you need a carefully curated set of brand guidelines and creative assets outlining your vision, tone and personality. Whether it’s designed to encourage sales or create a community of brand ambassadors, this material is your ticket to online exposure.

At Picos, our team of creatives are experts at developing seamless online strategies. From brainstorming sessions to developing monthly content campaigns, every inch of your marketing process is outlined meticulously. Focused on the customer journey and market trends, our proposals deliver the results you need to build your online empire.

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