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June 18, 2021
June 18, 2021
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The importance of copywriting in the digital age.These days, it’s inevitable to see someone on their phone no matter where you go. Waiting for the train or walking through the shopping centre? Yep, there’s someone around you glued to their phone. Waiting for your date to show up? This time it’s you scrolling through your Instagram feed or panic texting your friend because you think your date has stood you up.Checking our phones numerous times a day has become part of our normal routine. It’s bizarre to think about, but on average, we spend a total of 5.5 hours each day looking at our screens. That’s 16.6 years and 33% of our lives spent looking at a little electronic device - assuming we all got our phones at the early age of ten (Dixon, 2021). But how crazy is that?! And because we’re accustomed to constantly checking our social media accounts throughout the day, all we see is business, after business, promoting themselves through the magic world of digital marketing.

But what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is basically the way you promote your business online. It encompasses various digital channels including social media, websites, email and search engines. It’s the perfect way to attract customers in this digital age. However, unless you’re able to communicate that with your target audience in words, you’ll find that you might not see the results you want.

So, let’s get into the real deal and talk about these words - aka copywriting!

Copywriting is digital marketing’s Ross to Rachel, peanut butter to jelly, milk to cereal. In simpler terms, they’re meant to be together.


Just so we’re all on the same page, copywriting is not quite literally copying someone’s writing. On the contrary, it is the method of bringing words to life and communicating a message through to the end receiver. When good copywriting and digital marketing are combined, boom! A great brand tone and relationship with the audience is born. The words you use should leave a long-lasting impact, making it hard for consumers to resist.So many people overlook copywriting. They think it’s not important, it makes no difference or it’s something they can easily do themselves. Anyone can write. That’s true. But writing smart is a whole different ball game and having the patience to read long slabs of text at a time is not easy. There are so many benefits that come from excellent copy, so let’s highlight the key points and why it matters.


Attention span tug-of-war

Copywriting has one main purpose – to get your target audience to take action.Up to 10 seconds. That’s how long you have to grab someone’s attention. Otherwise, they’re already moving onto the next best thing. Make sure that your primary message is relevant, exciting and aimed at the market in mind. Every word you use should matter, and each line should make the reader want to continue reading, eventually taking that next step – purchasing a product, signing up with an email address, or signing up for a free trial. Your CTA (call to action) should always be clear and concise. The smallest mistake can decipher your fate. Where you fail to engage with your customers using good copy, your competition will get ahead.

‘In your cart’ to ‘Purchased’

Ever have items sitting in your cart for days on end because you’re just not 100% sure on whether you should purchase them? Maybe it’s those pair of leggings from that new collection you’ve been eyeing off. It might be a new face moisturiser you’ve been wanting to try because you saw your favourite Love Island contestant promoting it. Putting emphasis on the unique features and benefits of the product with a funky twist will turn your product into an absolute must-have on your audience’s list. No longer will the products sit in their carts, they’ll be turned into conversions. Before you know it, you’ll find that your target audience is scoping you out, looking for more information on your brand and business.


We’re a match!

Having good copy not only sells your product and/or service, but it also creates a special bond with your target audience. A strong foundation with your audience is the backbone of any business and should NEVER be overlooked. Copy that is dull will immediately have your audience continue scrolling or exiting your website - especially if you haven’t proofread your work. Side note: Grammar is extremely important! There’s nothing worse than sitting around reading a slab of stale text. When you ask your audience to purchase from you, you’re asking them to trust you and bet on you.Hopefully we’re all on somewhat the same page now – writing with intent is an essential part of marketing yourself and/or your business. Just remember that you need to know your crowd and why they’re interested in you.The moral of this story? Copywriting is key! It holds the power in getting your audience to take their leap of faith. Sit back and let the people of words do their thing. We actually know a team that loves carefully curating sentences together. Nudge, nudge.


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