36x ROI: Top 7 Email Flows Every E-commerce Brand Needs
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Email marketing has come a long way since its inception more than 40 years ago. Boasting an impressive ROI of $36 for every dollar spent, few strategies can match email marketing's effectiveness in today's digitally-driven landscape.

So, what’s the key to cracking the email marketing code? 

Effective email marketing flows. Or, as we like to call them, your silent salespeople working around the clock.

Email flows are designed to engage customers at critical points in their buying journey, enhancing the shopping experience without any ongoing manual effort from your team. 

From welcoming new subscribers to re-engaging those who've drifted away, the right email flows can significantly boost your revenue while adding a personal touch to your marketing efforts.

Not convinced? Here’s a tangible example: after we implemented targeted email automations for one of our clients in the beauty industry, their revenue dramatically increased, with email flows alone contributing to an incredible 69% (yep, you read that right) of their total revenue.

If your current email flows aren’t converting, or if you’re just starting out and want to learn the ropes, keep reading as we unpack the top seven email flows that every successful e-commerce business must be running.

Welcome Flow: boost first impressions

The Welcome Flow is your first interaction via email with new subscribers. It sets the tone for your brand and is crucial in building initial trust and engagement. 

A well-crafted welcome email can make a significant impact on your open rates and pave the way for future communications, ensuring subscribers are more receptive to subsequent messages.

Welcome Flows typically have the highest open rates of all email marketing flows, so ensure you make an impact.

By immediately engaging subscribers, you reduce the risk of churn and increase the chances of converting email recipients into paying customers.

Welcome email created by Picos for Talking Hens

Pro Tip: Personalise your welcome message with the subscriber's name to make a memorable first impression.

Browse Abandonment: capture lost sales

Capture the interest of visitors who browse but leave without adding items to their cart with a Browse Abandoned Flow, nudging them back towards making a purchase by reminding them of what they viewed. 

This is particularly effective for customers who are still in the decision phase and may need a slight push to return.

Pro Tip: Turn this flow into a cross-sell opportunity by displaying best selling or related products along with the customer’s recently viewed products. 

Abandoned Cart Flow: recapture revenue

Sometimes customers have commitment issues, but we’re here to help them through that.

Targeting users who have added items to their cart but have not completed their purchase, this flow is critical in recuperating potentially lost sales. It acts as a reminder and often provides an extra incentive to encourage checkout completion. 

Strong Abandoned Cart Flows consistently deliver high ROI, directly contributing to increased revenue by recovering sales that would otherwise be lost.

Abandoned cart email created for Angel Extensions

Pro Tip: Time these emails thoughtfully; sending a reminder within an hour of abandonment has been shown to significantly boost conversion rates.

Abandoned Checkout Flow: close the sale

Target individuals who have gone a step further than adding to cart—they’ve started the checkout process. These are high-intent customers, and reaching out to them can effectively close sales that are almost completed. 

Given these customers' proximity to purchase, effective emails here can have a strong direct impact on your conversion rates.

Pro Tip: A/B testing different incentives like free shipping or a 10% discount can help determine what drives your customers to complete a purchase. However, as Lindsey Murray, VP of Performance Marketing at Blue Acorn iCi, highlights in a discussion referenced by Klaviyo, “you don’t always want to start off with big discounts to get someone to checkout. Sometimes just the reminder is enough. Once you start heavily using lots of promotions, it’s really hard to go backwards.” 

Post-Purchase and Winback Flows: retention, retention, retention

Foster loyalty and repeat purchasing with this dual-purpose flow. The Post-Purchase Flow serves to thank customers post-purchase and keep them engaged, ensuring they remember your brand for future needs. 

The extended Winback Flow re-engages customers who haven't made a purchase in a given amount of time. Cultivating repeat customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, and returning customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers.

If your goal is long-term profitability, this flow is a must-have.

Pro Tip: Segment your customers based on their purchase history for more targeted messaging in winback campaigns.

Back in Stock Flow: drive immediate sales

Alerting customers when an out-of-stock item they showed interest in becomes available again not only can trigger immediate sales but also shows that you value their interest and want to serve them better. 

This flow enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by responding directly to their interests, potentially increasing customer lifetime value.

Back in stock email created by Picos for Eco Bin

Pro Tip: Enhance the appeal of your back in stock notifications by including customer reviews and ratings of the product or the brand in general. This adds social proof and reassures potential buyers about the quality and popularity of the brand.

Sunset Unengaged Flow: maintain a healthy email list

The Sunset Unengaged Flow is like a New Year’s resolution for your mailing list: cut off those who no longer serve your needs.

Designed to re-engage or responsibly phase out subscribers who have not interacted with your emails over an extended period, this flow helps maintain a healthy email list, which is vital for deliverability and engagement metrics. 

Cleaning your email list through this flow improves overall campaign performance and ensures your messages reach those most likely to engage.

Pro Tip: Make this email super personalised and to the point to allow the customer to make the correct action required.

Integrating these email flows into your e-commerce strategy is more than a tactic; it’s an essential component of modern digital success. And don’t forget: while email flows are crucial to introduce, ongoing EDM campaigns can be just as valuable.

At Picos, we specialise in both strategising and creating seamless email automation flows and ongoing campaigns that align with your brand's needs and growth objectives. 

Whether you're looking to refine existing flows or build a new strategy from the ground up, our team is ready to help you maximise every email's impact. Enquire today to learn more.


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