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Content Creation & Marketing

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Content Creation, Brand Development & Marketing

Content Creation, Website Design & Development

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We create tailor-made blueprints for an online strategy to captivate your audience, generate sales and communicate your brand identity.

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We capture the essence of your brand, product or services. When it comes to lighting, vibrance, exposure, angles and aesthetic, let us focus on your vision.  

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We use social media platforms to direct promotional content towards a targeted and refined online audience to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate sales. 

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Through photography, videography, copywriting and design, we materialise your brand’s image, identity and aesthetic.

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Our agency knows the market and can help you distinguish your brand from its competitors. Creating brand guidelines establishes a strong marketing strategy to optimise your message and reach. 

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When it comes to reaching your target market, clear, creative communication is everything. Let our wordsmiths articulate your brand’s tone, personality and vision to connect with your audience.

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We build, design and maintain websites that reflect your brand’s image, values and target audience. From sophisticated back-end solutions to integrated e-commerce systems, we’re there from start to finish.

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When you want to learn the ropes and execute your own creative strategies, we are a valuable resource. We’ll help you navigate the online landscape, and teach you our tricks of the trade, so that you can autonomously manage your brand exposure.

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Social-specific advertising directs relevant content towards a targeted and refined audience to increase brand awareness and generate sales. 

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Picos is a collective of creative digital natives with the same vision.

We curate seamless digital marketing strategies and traditional advertising campaigns to help
businesses establish an online presence, improve brand awareness and promote their products or services.

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Unlike what you see in shows like Mad Men, advertising in the digital domain is not about storyboards or secretaries in pencil skirts. It’s actually about ensuring that your promotional material finds its way to the online marketplace, broadcasted to the right audience, at the right time. It’s main purpose is to generate sales, conversions and website traffic.

In contrast, social marketing takes a less sale-oriented approach, focusing on establishing a strong online presence, a consistent brand image and point of contact that your audience can connect and identify with. When done effectively, it also serves to generate sales, conversions and website traffic.

Together, digital advertising and social marketing make for a strong campaign strategy, with results guaranteed.

When establishing your online strategy with a full service creative agency like Picos, you won’t have to decide between the two. Come and find out how social and digital advertising complement each other to create the perfect symbiosis.

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Creative content is any form of marketing collateral that you publish to the public for purposes of branding, advertising or connecting with your target audience. It’s the materialised version of your brand’s identity in the form of design, photography, videography and copywriting used for a variety of marketing purposes.

The quality of these brand assets ultimately determines the relationships that people form with your business and the success of your marketing campaigns. For this reason, it’s important that your creative content tells a story, shapes expectations and generates exposure.

Find out how you can expand your client base in Australia, drive website traffic, boost customer engagement, optimise your online presence and generate discussion around your business with content marketing at Picos.

Short answer? Absolutely. 

Your online strategy is a tailor-made blueprint designed to communicate the essence of your brand identity and increase sale conversions in the online marketplace.

It should outline steps to build a strong digital presence, like launching an official website or determining which social media platforms will best meet your business goals. Your eCommerce or paid advertising strategy should also be defined, alongside important analytics to do with your target demographic and past performance.

At Picos, we’ll walk you through the whole process, so that you can make informed decisions and curate an online strategy that works for you. Get in touch with our creative advertising agency today.

Logo creation is one part of the branding process, whereas brand design involves creating meaningful marketing collateral that communicates your brand’s identity.

Once your brand design is formulated, your brand image should reflect your company’s personality, tone and values that are distinguishable in a saturated marketplace.

Your design process should always be informed by brand guidelines that act as a conceptual framework, outlining set visual and communicative standards to streamline a consistent message online and offline. In it, basic design principles like typography, colour palette, logo variations, spacing requirements and icon usage are specified in detail and justified in accordance with industry standards and aesthetic appeal.

At Picos, our design team uses Adobe programs InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects to create your brand blueprint. From logos, business cards, catalogues, packaging design, product design, billboards, advertorials to style guides and aesthetic, our brand agency does it all.

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