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Brand Design.

“People ignore design that ignores people.”
– Frank Chimero

Why Choose Our Brand Design Services?

Every interaction you make is a form of branding. Like an introductory handshake.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand – with a very loud voice.

At each point of contact or customer touchpoint, your brand identity finds expression through marketing collateral, making its way into public discourse. Whether advertised directly on a billboard or subliminally through packaging design, your brand’s image is shaped by the creativity and quality of design that underpins every marketing campaign. These messages weave together to create meaning for your target audience and reflect the vision behind your company. They tell a story, shape expectations, generate exposure and, in some cases, command a premium. Without a carefully tailored creative strategy, these symbols lack a compelling call-to-action. For this reason, the quality of your brand assets, like your logo, business cards, catalogues, packaging and product design, billboard ads – to name a few – determines the relationships that people have with your brand.

Brand design is not an additional expense. Bad design will cost you customers.

Your brand image is the sum of experiences customers have with your company, from their initial perception of your logo to the feeling or memories your products evoke. It exists beyond a production line, website design, business card or symbol, encompassing the very point of difference that incentivises a customer to choose your product over similar alternatives. In this context, a content creator’s role involves developing a design strategy that distinguishes your brand’s personality, tone and values in a saturated marketplace.

Without brand guidelines, your design strategy lacks consistency.

While our creatives rely on their artistic intuition to create meaningful content, the design process is always informed by a conceptual framework. Brand guidelines are integral to every marketing campaign, outlining set visual and communicative standards that streamline a consistent message both online and offline. This blueprint exists to ensure that your brand identity is embedded in every piece of advertised content, from promotional flyers to monthly digital newsletters. In it, basic design principles like typography, colour palette, logo variations, spacing requirements and icon usage are specified in detail and justified in accordance with industry standards and aesthetic appeal. Once you have established these guidelines, your company’s reputation can be safeguarded and your promotional material can be made public.

Design your customers’ experience and manage their expectations.
To build a community of loyal customers, you need to treat your target audience like the intelligent and discerning customers that they are. Customer experience management focuses on optimising every touchpoint in your buyer’s journey to create positive brand associations and influence purchase intent. From a user-friendly website interface to the layout of email direct marketing campaigns, every opportunity for customer acquisition can either be harnessed or lost through design. In marketing mantra, this is best explained by the ‘Seven Touches’ principle that assumes it takes a potential customer several ‘touches’ or encounters with marketed content to internalise, and act upon, a call-to-action (Online Marketing Institute, 2013). At Picos, our design team uses Adobe programs InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects to create your brand blueprint and distinguish your unique selling points. From logos, business cards, catalogues, packaging design, product design, billboards, advertorials to style guides and aesthetic, Picos will focus on your vision and bring it to life. Come say hello.
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