Bigger and better: a record month for Horsey People

Conversion Campaign

Having been with Horsey People from the beginning, Picos needed to step up the stakes with a fresh strategy for this record-breaking campaign.


$90,000 prize

47 ad creatives

#1 best performing campaign

Significant increase in sales and engagement

Horsey People

Horsey People is Australia’s first and only rewards club for horse and country enthusiasts, offering members huge giveaways and discounts at 50+ retailers.


The problem

As Australia's #1 horse and country rewards club, Horsey People sought to elevate their presence with Giveaway 9 – their most ambitious campaign to date. The goal was to create a buzzworthy event, driving record sales and offering a substantial prize.

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The Solution

Picos dove into action from the get-go. We strategised the giveaway end-to-end, creating a conversion-focused landing page and capturing the essence of Horsey People with a full-day production shoot. Our team developed 5 EDMs and a combination of 47 ads (11 static and 36 video) to maximise reach and engagement.

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The Result

The giveaway was a runaway success, becoming Horsey People's most successful event with record sales. It not only boosted the brand’s confidence in our capabilities but also set a new benchmark for future campaigns.

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