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“Capturing an image has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Photography & Videography Services by Picos.

Compose a meaningful message with photography and videography.

Photographers and videographers play unique roles in the content production team. They work to animate your brand image and add depth of emotion, meaning, sound and imagery to creative campaigns. With proven success in boosting engagement on digital and social platforms, this form of marketing communication facilitates a deeper connection between your brand and audience. Not to mention, most social networking sites are predominantly visual platforms designed to broadcast and circulate graphic content, so you can’t afford to compromise on quality.

Commonly used to promote products or services, introduce new campaigns, explain company procedures, provide step-by-step instructions or establish a face for your brand, professional photography and videography deliver strategic messages complemented by visual aesthetics.

Use brand guidelines to broadcast a consistent identity across marketing collateral.

Photographers and videographers follow company-specific brand guidelines, using set visual and communicative standards to streamline the same tone, personality and design themes across branding projects. This ensures that all marketing collateral reinforces a consistent brand identity necessary to keep a healthy level of engagement with your target audience and grow your client base.

Anyone can operate a camera. It takes a photographer’s vision to see something unique.

Professional uses of photography vary according to industry trends and unique business goals. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product line, support editorial campaigns, develop a website or build an inventory of brand collateral, quality is essential. For potential customers engaging with your creative material for the first time, it is often the supporting imagery that determines their impression of your brand. Powerful visual communication has the potential to drive traffic and brand awareness, or cause your target audience to disregard your message altogether. For this reason, the way you style and set up your photoshoots, understand camera technology and work with lighting and framing can make – or break – your advertising campaigns. At Picos, our creatives apply their industry experience, technical knowledge and passion for meaningful marketing to capture your message, distinguish your brand identity and resonate with your audience in a way that words couldn’t.

Use professional videography to tell a story, not sell a story.

The merit of professional videography for marketing campaigns lies in its storytelling capacity. In contrast to text-based articles or still images featured on a website, videos incorporate auditory, visual and textual content to create an engaging tapestry of information. Layered with elements of sound and design, these easy-to-digest brand assets can be used to distinguish your competitive edge, captivate new customers, drive traffic and humanise your brand. Using advanced technology and software, our videographers combine ambient setting and stylised aesthetic to create a scene and convey the right narrative. From event videos, customer testimonials, infomercials, brand culture insights to expert interviews, our team of creatives know how to tell a story instead of sell one. This ability comes from vast industry experience, insight into media trends and a meticulous eye for detail.

Meeting social-specific platform limitations and delivering a compelling narrative.

Creating social-specific content is essential to brand management, ensuring that each promotional campaign is formatted and developed for use on social-networking sites. Our photographers and videographers tailor their projects to the unique design and user characteristics of each channel to drive traffic and promote engagement. Most importantly, they apply their technical knowledge of platform-specific dimensional and interval limitations for advertising material. On Instagram, for example, videos are restricted to 15 seconds, in contrast to on-page and IGTV content that can run for longer periods of time. Our creatives compose compelling narratives for both timeframes to inspire interest and encourage lead conversions. They may also include subtitles and featured influencers for greater impact.

Using Canon 5D Mark IV, all L Series lenses and Rode microphones, our creatives will focus on your vision, make it dynamic and bring it to life.

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