Fighting food insecurity with digital marketing

Email Marketing

In a pro bono collaboration, Picos partnered with Alex Makes Meals, a Melbourne-based charity dedicated to fighting food insecurity, to enhance its digital presence through a focused email marketing campaign. This initiative, bolstered by strategic website updates, aimed to improve conversions, retain donors, and capture missed donations. Our efforts were centred on reinforcing the charity’s mission while ensuring their messages resonate effectively with their audience.


2 monthly EDM campaigns

3 targeted flows

Alex Makes Meals

Alex Makes Meals is a Melbourne-based charity fighting food insecurity by providing 3,000 nourishing meals to Melbourne’s disadvantaged populations each week.


The problem

Alex Makes Meals faced significant challenges in digital visibility and engagement, which hindered their ability to secure and retain donations. The charity needed a robust strategy that not only enhanced its online presence but also optimised donor interactions and improved the conversion rate of potential supporters.

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The Solution

Picos designed and implemented a comprehensive email marketing strategy to address these challenges. This included the development of two monthly campaign emails to engage the community and three specific email flows – welcoming new subscribers, thanking donors, and recovering declined credit card transactions. Additionally, we undertook critical updates to the charity’s website to improve the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and interaction-friendly, thereby facilitating easier navigation and donation processes.

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The Result

The strategic initiatives recently implemented by Picos for Alex Makes Meals are set to significantly enhance the charity's digital engagement and fundraising capabilities. Although these changes are in the early stages of application, promising results are already observable. The email marketing strategies and website enhancements are expected to greatly improve user experience, which will facilitate easier interactions and more effective donation processes. Early feedback has indicated an uptick in user engagement, and we are optimistic that these improvements will lead to sustained increases in donations and donor retention. By strengthening the digital presence of Alex Makes Meals, these efforts are poised to expand their reach and impact on combating food insecurity in Melbourne.

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