KOOEE! Email Flows & Ongoing Email Campaigns

Transforming Customer Journeys Through Targeted Email Marketing

KOOEE!, renowned for its high-quality, all-natural jerky snacks, partnered with Picos to boost customer retention and repeat purchases through strategic email marketing. Picos created targeted email flows—welcome, abandoned cart, post-purchase, and win-back sequences—perfectly aligned with KOOEE!’s communication style. This collaboration highlighted KOOEE!’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, proving the effectiveness of a tailored email strategy in driving business growth.


Developing a unique email strategy

Establishing brand new email flows

Crafting engaging email campaigns

Designing unique modules to differentiate KOOEE!

KOOEE! Natural Snacks

KOOEE! is a premier Australian brand known for its high-quality, all-natural jerky snacks, committed to providing nutritious and delicious options for active families and health-conscious individuals.


The problem

KOOEE! aimed to address the critical issue of customer retention and brand awareness. The primary goals were to enhance repeat purchase rates and build stronger customer loyalty through effective email marketing strategies. Additionally, KOOEE! wanted to foster a sense of community, making customers feel like they were joining a family with a personal touch, thereby increasing brand engagement and long-term relationships.

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The Solution

Picos crafted and implemented various email flows tailored to different stages of the customer journey. This included personalised post-purchase communications, reminders for abandoned carts, and exclusive offers for loyal customers. Bespoke campaign emails were also designed to convert and grow an engaged email list, featuring monthly promotions for new flavours, sales, and brand stories.

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The Result

KOOEE! now has a robust communication framework that engages customers at every step of their purchasing journey, something they previously lacked. This new system not only enhances customer relationships but also positions KOOEE! for increased brand loyalty and repeat purchases. Additionally, the framework educates customers about the benefits of the products and fosters a sense of community, creating a stronger bond between the brand and its audience.

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