Data-Driven Optimisation: Boosting Outcomes for Angel Extensions’ Email Flows

Email Conversion Boost

Angel Extensions, a long-standing leader in the hair extensions market, has partnered with Picos for over five years. Following a rebrand in early 2024, Angel needed fresh new email flows to align with their aesthetic upgrade. This transition presented an ideal opportunity to harness historical data and insights to further refine and optimise each email campaign.


Email Redesign

Data-Informed Email Optimisation

Creative Content Updates

Enhanced Segmentation for Targeting

Angel Extensions

Founded in 1957, Angel Extensions is a Melbourne-based leader in hair extensions, ponytails, and accessories. This family-run Australian company is your go-to destination for all hair extension needs.


The problem

While Angel Extensions’ previous email flows had been highly successful, the rebrand necessitated a visual overhaul. This update ensured that the messaging was consistent with the new brand identity and continued to resonate with both existing and new audiences. The challenge was to enhance these already effective campaigns to align with the fresh, updated brand image without losing the momentum of past successes.

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The Solution

Picos updated all flow emails to reflect the new, modern aesthetic, aligning visual and tonal messaging across all communications. We leveraged nine months of analytics to strategically optimise the flows, adding new sections and creative elements that increased engagement, click-through, and conversion rates.

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The Result

The refinements made to Angel Extensions' email campaigns yielded significant improvements across all key performance metrics. The updated email flows, enriched with new creative content and precise segmentation, led to higher engagement rates and boosted both click-through and conversion rates substantially.

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