Beyond the Lens: Bell & Bone's Visual Journey

Comprehensive Media Creation

Bell & Bone, an innovative pet nutrition company, has been on an exciting growth trajectory, continuously expanding their range of healthy, natural dog treats. Over the last three years, Picos has partnered with Bell & Bone to keep pace and amplify their brand message through dynamic visual storytelling. From captivating product launches to engaging lifestyle and behind-the-scenes shoots, our partnership has seamlessly paired creativity with strategic marketing.


Product photography

Social media reels Ad creatives

YouTube ads

Educational videos in partnership with RSPCA Victoria & Petbarn

Bell & Bone

Bell & Bone creates outcome-based, natural dog treats and dental sticks with uncompromised quality. Prioritizing transparency, their Australian-made products are grain and filler-free, ensuring dogs receive top nutrients without the nasties.


The problem

As Bell & Bone expanded rapidly, the need for a consistent yet flexible visual strategy became paramount. The challenge was not only to maintain the pace with their growth but also to ensure the visual content was diverse and impactful, capturing the essence of their expanding product lines and brand partnerships.

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The Solution

To meet Bell & Bone's diverse needs, Picos developed a comprehensive visual content strategy that focused on creating engaging ad creatives. Our approach included detailed product photography and the production of lively social media reels, which Bell & Bone could then use in their targeted advertising campaigns. We also captured extensive coverage of key events and produced educational YouTube videos to support their collaborations with RSPCA Victoria and Petbarn.

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The Result

Our ongoing partnership with Bell & Bone has successfully supported their growth and helped scale their brand presence stylishly and effectively. Through a variety of targeted visual content campaigns, we have ensured that Bell & Bone remains at the forefront of the pet nutrition industry, engaging with pet owners and partners alike.

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