Biogone's Social Media Transformation

Digital Marketing Refresh

Biogone partnered with us to amplify their digital presence and drive sales through a robust social media strategy. Picos refreshed Biogone's Instagram, launched a TikTok account, managed monthly content shoots, and updated their product photography. This approach led to significant increases in impressions, profile visits, and content interactions, showcasing the power of informed and strategic social media management.

Digital Strategy

Social Media Profile Refresh

Monthly Content Creation

685% Increase in Impressions

Biogone Plastics

Biogone is a leading innovator in landfill-biodegradable plastic technology, providing an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional plastics.


The problem

The challenge was to enhance brand awareness and assert Biogone's position as the premier landfill-biodegradable plastics brand in Australia. This involved educating consumers about their unique products while combating widespread misinformation about their technology. Additionally, driving sales through compelling social media advertising was essential, turning increased awareness and education into tangible results.

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The Solution

Picos Media executed a comprehensive social media refresh for Biogone. We updated their Instagram profile, launched a new TikTok account, provided product photography, and conducted ongoing monthly content shoots. This included producing 30 engaging feed posts per month, featuring both static images and reels. Our community management efforts ensured active and meaningful interactions with followers.

By combining creative content with strategic advertising, we effectively conveyed Biogone's educational messages, strengthened brand awareness, and drove conversions.

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The Result

The social media strategy delivered dynamic results for Biogone.

Within a 90-day period, Biogone experienced:
• 685% increase in impressions
• 292% increase in profile visits
• 967% increase in content interactions
• 16.5% increase in followers

These metrics highlight the power of Picos' forward-thinking approach, effectively transforming awareness into active engagement and tangible growth for Biogone.

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