Visual Innovation: Elevating Instant Shade

Comprehensive Media Creation

Instant Shade Umbrellas, a leader in quality outdoor umbrella solutions, partnered with Picos for a strategic visual overhaul to reinforce their market position. Recognising the importance of evolving their marketing materials, we aimed to refresh their brand image with over 100 premium photos and videos across seven bespoke scenes, ensuring their visual content remains impactful and future-proof.

Instant Shades

Instant Shade is a leading provider of premium outdoor umbrellas in Australia, known for innovative designs and exceptional quality.


The problem

Instant Shade Umbrellas recognised that their visual assets did not fully convey the innovative and premium nature of their products. As the outdoor shade market grew more competitive, it became crucial to enhance their visual marketing to better reflect their brand's quality and the versatility of their products. This need drove them to seek a significant upgrade in their brand portrayal to improve engagement with potential partners and customers.

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The Solution

Picos tackled this challenge by launching an extensive visual content strategy. The project involved carefully planned photo and video shoots across multiple scenic locations, designed to showcase the products in various settings that mirrored potential customer environments. This comprehensive approach utilised top-tier production techniques to capture over 100 pieces of high-resolution visual content that embody the brand's commitment to quality and style.

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The Result

The revitalised visual content is having a profound impact on Instant Shade's market presence. With more than 500 photos and multiple ultra-high-definition videos produced across a series of shoots, they now possess a versatile portfolio that can adapt to various marketing campaigns. This new content not only enhances the brand's image but also significantly boosts customer and reseller engagement. The quality and diversity of the visuals strengthened Instant Shade's position as a premium provider in the market, ensuring their promotional materials will remain effective and relevant for years to come.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of Picos Media's approach to visual content, driving both immediate and long-term benefits for Instant Shade and helping to secure their competitive advantage in the market.

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