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“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”
— Paul Cooksen

Website Development & Design Services by Picos.

The way you develop and design your website shapes your brand’s image, online presence and ultimately, your buyers’ journey. 

For this reason, it is essential that technical expertise, UX-focused design and marketing experience underpin your online strategy.

The online marketplace has been expecting you.

Establishing and maintaining a strong online presence officially puts your business on the digital map. Informed by a structured marketing framework, this process aligns your goals, brand identity and unique selling points with an integrated e-commerce experience that welcomes your customers into a user-friendly domain. This is where professional User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design come into play, providing a meaningful, captivating and engaging experience for your target audience. From creating a site that is intuitive, consistent and responsive in design, to setting your business apart from competitors in the online marketplace, your website is the most important customer touchpoint that communicates who you are and the value of your products or services.

Content Management Systems, e-commerce solutions and creative design. Try saying that in one breath.

Focusing on consumer behavioural trends and analysis of your past performance, our specialists formulate a marketing blueprint designed to increase visibility and traffic, distinguish your competitive advantage and grow a dynamic client base. With this insight, your marketing strategy is powered by real data, search engine optimised (SEO) content and integrated Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, that make managing front and back-end website development easy without needing a developer by your side. If you want to add a basic payment section to your website, third-party payment processing applications like Paypal can be easily integrated into your page. Full e-commerce solutions, like Shopify, offer payment processing, inventory and order management, customer registration management (CRM), analytics, SSL-grade encryption to secure data and other features that streamline a consistent and functional store across devices, worldwide. Whether your online business strategy calls for a full rebranding process, developing a website with e-commerce functionality, reaching untapped audiences or reconfiguring your site’s design, we have the experience, knowledge, aesthetic intuition and tools at our disposal.

Hello, is it my website you’re looking for?

To create an immersive online experience for your customers, your website needs to be easy to navigate, quick to load, secure, relevant and original. This is critical to your ranking in Google’s search engine that determines your platform’s visibility and positioning amongst millions of other businesses. Our web development team employs the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Instead of blindly stumbling upon your page, your visitors will be there because of an expressed interest in a product or service you provide. The difference between finding quality leads and indiscriminately targeting online users is the difference between building customer relationships and attracting casual browsers. For this reason, mapping out your customers’ journey is integral to creating a space that invites an active, refined audience. 

Website development is not as scary as it sounds when you have experts on your side.

Content Management Systems are designed to make running your online business relatively straightforward and intuitive. Unlike the image of a developer plugging in obscure sequences of letters and numbers, all you need to set up your website is a Content Management Application (CMA), known to some as a Graphical User Interface (GUI), that allows you to design, create, modify, and remove content from your website without needing to have any coding experience. If this still sounds too techy for you, not to worry, it’s second nature to our web developers. Thoughtfully embedded backlinks are also designed into the template of your website to encourage greater visibility, search engine optimisation (SEO) and a further vote of confidence distinguishing your business with credibility.  

So you’ve got functionality, now you need creative design.

So you’ve created a website. Now, how do you encourage sales, customer loyalty, engagement and positive brand associations? From meticulous signposting that charters the flow of website traffic through intuitive design, to building a platform responsive across devices, attention to detail is crucial. Without this, visitors on your website may not know how to find what they’re looking for, how to place an order or payment, where you are located or how to contact you. What’s more, customers that are already across the line and ready to place an order can be lost after trying to navigate a poorly constructed and unprofessional website. The impact this has on your brand, other than the direct and tangible loss of income, can be felt significantly in the most important area of your business: your community. For this reason, your website needs to reflect your brand’s image, values and tone accurately and aesthetically.

Design the way people experience your brand with creative content.

Brand collateral, like photography, videography, copywriting, website development and logo design, are intended to create meaning for your target audience. They tell a story, shape expectations, generate exposure and, in some cases, command a premium. Without a carefully tailored creative strategy, these symbols lack a compelling call-to-action. For this reason, the quality of your creative content determines the way customers experience your website and form relationships with your brand. Our content marketing specialists work within the parameters of your brand guidelines to streamline a consistent personality, tone and vision. Assigning value to each icon and sentiment to each statement, they make sure that every piece of content is deliberate and on-brand for a consistently unified voice.

At Picos, our team of creatives tailor unique online strategies for each of our clients, to build sophisticated, on-brand and intuitive websites. From brainstorming your online strategy to launching an entirely new website with full e-commerce functionality, you can be sure that our specialists will have dotted the i’s and crossed all the t’s. Speak with one of our team members today to start building your online empire.

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